Author: Joeri Cant

30 Aug, 2019

Crypto Project Decred Adds Privacy Features to Its Coin

On Aug. 28, cryptocurrency project Decred announced that it is adding a few new privacy-focused features to its cryptocurrency DCR. According to Decred’s official blog, the goal of these new features is to be “simple, adaptable, and creative.” The post explains: “Decred has implemented a variant of CoinShuffle++ in its wallet. Although it is possible […]
30 Aug, 2019

SBI Holdings’ Subsidiary to Pay Shareholders Dividends in XRP

On Aug. 29, MorningStar Japan, a subsidiary of financial services giant SBI Holdings, announced that it will offer its shareholders dividends in the form of XRP tokens. According to the statement, the Japanese company will offer 30 XRP to its shareholders if they hold a minimum of 100 shares by Sept. 30.  Shareholders will receive […]