November 27, 2020

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Cryptowatch Launches Long-awaited High-Performance Desktop App

For 6 years, people have relied on Cryptowatch as a real-time view of thousands of crypto markets. Today we’re releasing a native desktop application that takes things to the next level, available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s free to use.

Cryptowatch Desktop is optimized for keeping an eye on dozens of live market feeds at once with low resource utilization on your computer. A single dashboard can be configured with multiple order books, candlestick charts, spread charts, high-level market summaries, and large price quotes – all updating in real-time. Multiple boards can be created and saved in the app for later.

Traders can customize their dashboard with any choice of currently 8 module types

Clients will notice the application is more responsive and resource-efficient compared to the typical web-based alternatives available today. The desktop is written in ​Rust​ using the Elm-inspired Rust GUI framework ​iced​. Using Rust has allowed our team to build a cross-platform application optimized for a low CPU and memory footprint, high frame rate, and stability.

These technology choices were made with one goal in mind: building something perfectly suited for all-day, full-screen market monitoring. This is what Cryptowatch has been the leader for years, and we continue to stay ahead of the curve in this area.

What do others think about Cryptowatch Desktop?

Interested in what actual traders think of our native app? Luckily, Cryptowatch Desktop has been in early release over the last few weeks – scroll below to see what the trading community has had to say.

“We built Cryptowatch Desktop to test the hypothesis that the Rust programming language works for graphical desktop software”, said Cryptowatch Desktop Product Manager Clark Moody. “The results are incredible. We’ve built a high-performance charting and data platform that uses minimal system resources.”

“Traders want rock-solid tools that can handle the high intensity of volatile markets. In our testing, we’ve seen the platform handle a dozen order books or charts on a single screen without breaking a sweat. We’re confident that as we build out the software, we will be able to maintain snappy responsiveness under the most demanding market conditions,” said Clark Moody​, Product Manager Cryptowatch Desktop

“An integral part of this project has been our sponsorship of ​iced​, an open-source GUI framework written in Rust. We’re able to build on that foundation and deliver Cryptowatch Desktop to Windows, Mac, and Linux users from a single codebase,” Moody added.

Download Cryptowatch desktop app

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