Month: January 2020

1 Jan, 2020

Etoro CEO Yoni Assia on Reaching 12 Million Users and Why Cryptos Are a Gateway to Stocks  – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

Yoni Assia is the CEO and founder of multi-asset trading platform Etoro. The brokerage firm, which enjoys a high profile within the cryptosphere, enables digital assets such as BTC and BCH to be traded alongside stocks, ETFs, and commodities. Juxtaposed between the traditional and crypto investment realms, Etoro has a unique insight into the health […]
1 Jan, 2020

Bitcoin Must Gain 13,800% in 2020 to Stop John McAfee Eating His Words

Bitcoin (BTC) traded broadly sideways on the first day of the 2020s as consensus swirled ever stronger around a Q1 breakout.  Cryptocurrency market daily overview. Source: Coin360 BTC in line for uninspiring January Data from Coin360 and Cointelegraph Markets showed Bitcoin making a decisively calm start to its third decade, with volatility staying away from […]

Mike Mayo of Wells Fargo Says ‘We Are Living in the Golden Decade of Banks and Technology’ – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo predicts that technology will enable efficiency and greater returns for banks this decade. Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo announced during a Dec. 30 CNBC news segment that “this is the golden decade of banks and technology.” Mayo explained that while the 1990’s had record bank consolidation (banking businesses merge with each […]

Veriblock Captured Close to 60% of BTC’s OP Return Transactions in 2019 – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

During the course of 2019, the most used BTC-based OP_Return protocol, Veriblock, outshined Omni Layer outputs. According to statistics, Veriblock captured 57% of BTC’s OP_Return outputs in 2019. Ever since the protocol’s opcodes started dominating, a number of BTC influencers called the outputs “abuse” and “spam.” Also Read: Central Bank Gold Hoarding Hits 50-Year High […]

Live Streaming Platform Dlive Joins Bittorrent Ecosystem – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

Live streaming platform Dlive will soon be joining the Bittorrent ecosystem and begin migrating to the Tron blockchain. The Twitch alternative will no longer support the Lino blockchain after the transition to Tron is complete. Also Read: Youtube Star Pewdiepie Joins Live Streaming Platform That Accepts Cryptocurrency Dlive Enters Justin Sun’s Orbit Bittorrent has announced […]