Are the BZx Flash Loan Attacks Signaling the End of DeFi? – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

Following two significant attacks on lending protocol bZx, what are the potential ramifications for the DeFi sector? Earlier this week, the decentralized lending protocol bZx was exploited in back-to-back “flash loan” attacks. While the two exploits were distinct, the end results remained the same. In total, $954,000 was gleaned from the platform. But what exactly […]
22 Feb, 2020

New XRP Fraud Reporting Procedure Officially Launched By Ripple

The company has produced a page on its website where XRP users can report foul-play. This move shows the growing attempts by Ripple to establish itself as a key player in global finance. Ripple officially launched a new XRP fraud reporting procedure so let’s find more about it in the following ripple news below. The […]

Brave Challenges Google’s Advertising Power Before the UK Competition Watchdog – BTC Ethereum Crypto Currency Blog

The company behind the privacy-oriented browser Brave has set out to convince regulators in the U.K. to end Google’s advertising monopoly in the digital space. In a filing with the country’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Brave puts forward recommendations on how to “neutralize” the tech giant’s “unfair data advantage.” Also read: Google Executive From […]
22 Feb, 2020

Shopify Joined The Libra Association As Many Giants Leave

Shopify joined the Libra Association as companies like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal leave the Association. The biggest eCommerce platform in the world noted that the biggest motivation was the need for better payment networks as we are reading further in the Libra coin news. The independent non-profit Libra Association has recently acquired a new member. […]
22 Feb, 2020

Malta’s Financial Watchdog Says Binance Is Not Licensed

The major cryptocurrency exchange Binance stops trading today due to a technical problem that was found on its platform, described as an issue “related to infrastructure.” It all began when the cryptocurrency news today showed an announcement published by the exchange this morning which notes that due to unscheduled system maintenance, Binance suspended most of […]

Privacy Coins Are Used By Criminals And It’s A Good Thing, Says John McAfee

Famous American entrepreneur and cryptocurrency proponent, John McAfee, recently spoke of the implementation of privacy coins. He believes that criminals are using them because of their technological value, and authorities cannot keep up. Privacy Coins Used By Criminals: McAfee Aside from being a successful businessman, John McAfee is also a well-known Bitcoin proponent. Until recently, […]
22 Feb, 2020

Japan’s Financial Authority Considers National Cryptocurrency

Japan’s financial authority is speeding up the process of creating its own cryptocurrency. The Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Japan and the Financial Services Agency have held an unknown number of meetings in order to determine a clear vision before the eventual launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as we are reading […]